BIOVINE aims to develop natural solutions based on plant diversity to control pests (intended as harmful organisms, including arthropods, nematodes, oomycetes and fungi), reduce pesticide dependence, increase plant health and services provided from the ecosystems to humans.

Strategies developed in BIOVINE exploit plant diversity in the vineyard to control pests, providing farmers alternative solutions to pesticides. Project activities involve vineyards in France, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.


Our project activities

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1 December 2019

Participation to Congresses and Workshops

SCV and Agroscope attended to the “55th Croatian & 15th International Symposium on Agriculture” at Vodice (Croatia) on 18-20 February 2020 presenting their research performed within the project about “Using cover crops to control Lobesia Botrana in organic vineyards“ […]
23 July 2019

Mid-term meeting on 12-13 September

The Project Board met on 12-13 September 2019 in Piacenza for updating and discussing with the Advisory Board and the Coordination Board about the first half of the Project activities. Results of the different Work Packages were presented and […]