Last project meeting

The last BIOVINE project meeting was in Changins (CH) on 28-29 January 2019, hosted by Agroscope.

All the BIOVINE Partners attended this (quite cold and snowy) meeting: the first year experimental activities were summarized and discussed, the set up of field trials for the next season was confirmed and the dissemination plan was updated…


Summary of the 1st year Project activities

At the end of the 1styear of the BIOVINE Project, the Partners are fully involved in performing their research activities related to the different Work Packages.

The main activity during the first year of the project was related to the systematic literature review that was conducted by the whole Consortium. In particular, Agroscope was coordinating the literature analysis about the control of arthropod pests and tested potential trap crops in order to control Drosophila suzukii as well as repellent plant extracts to push Lobesia botranaaway from grapevines (WP2), KIS the one for soil-borne nematodes (WP3) and UPV for foliar pathogens control (WP5). INRA was mainly focusing on the topic of increasing plant health through mycorrhizal fungi (WP6). UCSC was involved in different topicsĀ and started to carry out small plot experiments in order to assess the interference provided by a horseradish cover crop with the dispersal of a splash-borne (Plasmopara viticola) and an air-borne pathogen (Botrytis cinerea) in WP5. Moreover, UCSC was coordinating the activity about ex-ante evaluation of the innovative strategies selected by each Partner involved in the 2ndseason on-farm experiments (WP7).

UCSC, with the timely and great collaboration of the entire Consortium, successfully managed the first year Deliverables to launch the project website, to create the project leaflet (in seven different languages) and a poster presenting BIOVINE.